Automate your Company Administration

VEX is designed to save you time and money by automating your registry, issue share certificates, keep ASIC up to date, handle investor transactions and many more so that you can focus more on your product or services.

Get Started

Share Registry

Build and manage your Share Registry

Forget Spreadsheets, get access to your cloud based share registry anywhere anytime.

Continious Disclosure

Keep your shareholders in the know. Send Quaterly Reports, Announcements and general info to all your shareholders.

Issue Shares

Forget all the paperwork, Issue Shares on VEX and we will issue share certificates, execute share transfers and transfer the money to your bank account.

Update Company Details

Quickly update your company details, eg. change of address and notify ASIC without going through Accountants or filling forms.

Update Your Office Holders

Add or cease directors with a click of a button and notify ASIC without going through Accountants or filling forms.

Invite Investors

Forget emailing back and forth getting details. Invite Investors and let your clients provide their accurate information about themselves.

Capital Raising

Create an IM

Quickly Create an IM with over 380 auto filled fields for you.

Lodge ASIC Form 484

All Investors who buy shares through VEX will have their 484 forms lodged with ASIC automatically.

Shares Certificates and Banking

VEX will issue share certificates when funds clear and distribute between your Company, AFSL and promoter accounts based on your agreements.


VEX 20/12 Capital Raising

Raise up to 2 million dollars from a maximum of 20 retail investors within any 12 month period gaining the ability to issue shares under the 20/12 exceptions of the corporations act.

VEX CSF Raising

Raise up to 5 million dollars from crowd source funding.

VEX SFP Raising

Raise money with retail investors using a Short Form Prospectus.