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Invest in Australian industry from the ground up through Venture Capital Exchange or “the VEX”. We will guide you to issue shares, manage placements, organise and maintain your company's ASIC compliance.

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Integrated end to end solutions for ASIC compliance

Focus on your business while we handle all the compliance



Maintain your company share registry and raise capital with full ASIC compliance using VEX.

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Offer your services directly to companies, manage agreements and receive payments through VEX.

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Promote companies through AFSL agreements and have your commissions paid in real time through VEX.

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View all of your portfolio in one place, receive up to date notifications and buy and trade shares.

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Amazing Features

VEX saves you time and money by automating most of the work involved in capital raising.

Cloud Based Share Registry

Add shareholders, issue shares, trade shares and issue share certificates in full compliance with ASIC on our cloud based registry.

Automated ASIC Registered Agent

VEX is an ASIC Registered Agent that will automatically lodge ASIC forms on behalf of your company on every share issue and trade.

Continuous Disclosure

VEX allows company Secretaries to disclose company reports and statement to shareholders.

Capital Raising

VEX ensures you are legally compliant, automating adherence to the 20/12, CSF and SFP rules for raising capital.


VEX will automate all transactions between investors and their bank account handling the distribution of commission to AFSL and promoters.

AFSL Integration

Vex allows you to easily work with your AFSL on one platform, providing you with transparency of all AFSL services.

Capital Raising

The VEX is seen as being the future of capital raising for small to medium enterprises, its ability to raise funds at very short notice, issue shares and manage funds whilst maintaining continuous disclosure is a world first.


Raise up to $2,000,000 without paying a broker direct to your immediate friends family staff and existing shareholders through with the support of 20 Retail investors and unlimited Wholesale 708 investors .

Crowd Source Funding

Raise up to $5,000,000 on VEX-CSF through one of our many Authorised AFSL's.

Short Form Prospectus

Raise funds directly and trade shares in low volume with our SFP trading product. ASIC approval pending.

Referral Program

Want your shares to be on the VEX or know a company that will benefit from what VEX has to offer? Invite a company onto VEX and get 15% of every paying company subscription per invite for 1 year


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